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Save the brightest moments of your wedding for posterity with photography! Welcome! A wedding photographer with extensive experience is working for you, a true professional and master of his craft, whose services can be ordered via the Internet online. You can organize photography of a particular moment of the wedding or the whole celebration. You can choose from different styles of wedding photography, samples of which are presented on the site. The wedding photographer has all the necessary equipment, accessories and props in his arsenal. The work is issued in several versions: any flash drive, disk, photobook or album, the cover and design of which you choose to your taste. You can order registration in several types at the same time. The price of the services will delight you. Promotions and special offers will help you maintain an unforgettable experience in your staff with even greater cost savings.

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Features of photography at a wedding

The wedding has a special brightness and everyone wants to keep pleasant memories of this event for life. A wedding photo session will come in handy here. Wedding photography is a rather demanded service today. No celebration is complete without a photographer. And every couple wants their wedding to be attended by a professional who knows a lot about his work. It is the services of such a master of wedding photography that you can order on the website. A distinctive feature of wedding photography is the mandatory presence of a storyline that runs like a red thread throughout the entire celebration and should be reflected in the frames. The photographer will not just take thoughtless photos. He will shoot over 800 frames, from which he will choose the best ones in order to illustrate your entire wedding in bright moments. To do this, the photographer gets acquainted with the wedding script in advance and discusses with the newlyweds all the points to which they would like to pay special attention. In addition, throughout the event, the photographer will shoot the most interesting, observing what is happening from the side. As a result, you will receive a whole visual accompaniment for the story of an event that has such a meaning in your life. Wedding photography is performed in two styles: staged and reportage. Their percentage depends on your preference. Someone wants more staged photos, when the bride and groom pose, showing all the tenderness and trepidation of their feelings for each other. And for some it is important that the photographs have more dynamics and life. The wedding photographer applies an individual approach to each client and will take into account all your wishes.

What is required of you for a successful wedding photo shoot?

Of course, a professional will do his job efficiently in any case. But if you want the pictures to please you, then you have to try. Namely, get ready for increased attention to your persons. The bride and groom are the protagonists of any wedding. Sometimes the excitement goes off scale, but it is important to be able to pull yourself together and try to be more relaxed and behave at ease. The most striking are photographs with sincere smiles and emotions. We'll have to take care of ourselves and our appearance. This applies not only to clothing, hair and makeup, but also to posture. Often wedding photos depict a kiss, which serves as a symbol of the newlyweds' love for each other. Try to make this moment quivering and romantic in order to convey all the tenderness of your feelings. It is better if the newlyweds close their eyes during the kiss. Try to pay maximum attention to each other, forgetting about the festive fuss. Remember that this day is, in most cases, unique. Enjoy every moment and then you will look great in the photo!

  1. Fill out an application for services
  2. Choose the appropriate design
  3. The master of wedding photography will call you
  4. Make a prepayment before and an additional payment after taking a photo

How to order the services of a wedding photographer?

The services of a wedding photographer are available to anyone. You don't need to visit numerous studios and photo salons for this. It is enough to leave a request online. In it, provide your exact contact information so that the wedding photographer can contact you and clarify all the details. Specify the priority type of wedding photography, and also select the appropriate design option. According to the parameters you specified, the site will calculate the cost of the order and services at a discount and show the final amount for payment. Confirm the application for the services of a wedding photographer by an incoming call. Use the DELON-NACHMAN promo code to get a discount. Have a wonderful celebration and vivid impressions!

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